It is important to hire knowledgeable piano movers because not only is moving a piano a specialized skill but the knowledge of how a piano works is also necessary to properly set up grand pianos. You may think that professional piano movers know everything necessary to set up a piano properly, but it is rarely the case.  Since few piano movers are also registered piano technicians, they run into many problems they are not qualified to diagnose or fix.  Stairway Pianos sends out movers who are also trained in the ins and outs of all the relevant knowledge and skills to properly set up your piano.

There are several common problems that can occur during piano transport The most obvious of these would be damage to the piano through accident or improper handling. However there are additional issues which can occur even if the piano is transported safely. This usually means that the piano won’t be working properly after it is delivered and you will have to wait until the technician can come and fix the problem.

One common problem found after moving a grand piano is that the dampers are stuck in their open position. This means that notes throughout the piano will continue to sustain after the key is pressed. This is a simple problem to  solve, but it does sometimes require pulling out the piano action. Knowledgeable piano movers will be able to address these common problems and have your piano ready to be played as soon as it is delivered.

With Stairway Pianos you can be assured that your piano movers know how to properly set up each piano. This means that all the pedals will be working properly, the dampers will not be stuck and the piano will play as it did before it was moved. If any issue should arise after the move, it can easily be taken care of by Stairway Pianos. We pride ourselves on being among the most knowledgeable piano movers in Dallas.