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What Factors Determine a Piano Moving Quote?

There are several factors that determine the cost of having a piano moved. The three main factors that we focus on here at Stairway Pianos are the size of the piano, distance traveled, and ease of access. We will go into further detail on each factor in this article.

Distance Traveled

Every piano moving quote starts with the same question; where is the piano located, and where is it being moved to? Most companies, Stairway Pianos included, charge mileage on top of a base moving fee. We will discuss the base moving fee in the next section. The longer the distance the movers are traveling, the more you will be charged for mileage. 

Size of the Piano

In reference to the base moving fee described above, the size of the piano is the determining factor there. Upright Pianos are generally a little bit cheaper to move because the movers usually don’t have to disassemble the piano. With a Grand Piano the movers typically have to take the legs and lyre off, and then put the piano on a piano board on its side. This process can take anywhere from 25 minutes to 45 minutes. Upright pianos are usually generally pretty easy to lift onto a dolly for professional movers.  

Ease of Access

Last, but certainly not least, is the ease of access. This plays a very important role in a piano moving quote. Every bump, every step, and every turn is a hazard to a professional piano mover. Knowing the exact path ahead of time is very important to the people moving the piano. Staircases require extra hands to push a piano up. Not every piano can make tight turns. There are so many factors that determine if a piano can get moved to a specific location. If the ease of access is less than ideal you can expect a higher piano moving quote. 

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