Today we did our first upright piano move with the piano lift. The pianolift comes with an attachment that makes moving uprights safe and easy. It looks like a small forklift and is designed to be used with a specialized dolly. The move went perfectly and the customers were happy to receive this piano! You may notice in the photo that one leg is missing but don’t worry that was repaired upon delivery. For upright piano moving you may be tempted to try this job yourself. If you are young, healthy and strong you may be able to pull it off but please be aware that even a small piano like this can weigh 300-400 lbs. Larger uprights can range from 600-800 lbs! I have heard of many people injury themselves or their pianos by attempting to move them by themselves. It is best to contact a professional for any upright piano moving job.


An Upright Piano For Some Deserving Musicians

This piano was delivered to a young violinist and a jazz musician. She is a professional musician and plays with the Richardson and Garland Symphonies among others. Her friend is also a professional jazz musician. They both had this season’s gigs cancelled because of the corona virus pandemic. They, like many musicians are struggling to stay afloat during these uncertain times. We were glad to offer a discount for this upright piano move and are glad to help our wonderful Dallas music community. They made this PSA to help bring awareness to protecting ourselves from COVID-19.