“There are eighty-eight keys on a piano and within that, an entire universe” – James Rhodes

Piano Storage

Professional, Compassionate,  Efficient. 

Here at Stairway Pianos, we are dedicated to providing an exemplary experience to the consumer. We take pride in being professional and courteous throughout the entire moving process.

What To Expect

We provide piano storage services. The process is simple. Whenever you fill out a quote form online, in 1-2 business days you will receive a quote via email and/or a phone call. Our professional piano movers will arrive at the location of the piano on the day agreed upon, and they will efficiently pack up the piano and load it onto our 18ft trailer. 

Your piano will be carefully taken to our storage facility in Lavon, Texas. Lavon sits about 15 minutes north of Rockwall, Texas. Upon arrival, the piano movers will offload the piano, label every part of your piano with your name and what is being labeled, and they will pack the piano and piano parts into the designated space. 

Stairway Pianos- Piano Storage

Serving The DFW Area With The Highest Attention To Detail And Customer Satisfaction

About Our Facility

Our facility is state of the art in temperature and humidity control. A brand-new HVAC system keeps the shop at a perfect 74 degrees Fahrenheit. The HVAC system also keeps the relative humidity between 35% and 40%. This is the recommended relative humidity to store pianos. We also have state-of-the-art spray foam insulation on the walls and ceiling, the same insulation used inside of Yeti Coolers! This specific humidity keeps the moisture from causing the wood in the piano to swell. 

What to Expect Upon Delivery

Once you are moved into your new house or once your beautiful floors are replaced you can give us a call and we will quickly schedule a delivery day and time. On the delivery day, our professional piano movers will load up your piano and all the parts that go with it and will arrive at the new location in an efficient and safe manner. They will get the piano in the exact location that you want it, of course providing that it is possible to place the piano there. And they will have the piano set up and have it in the exact same condition that it was picked up in.