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Stairway Pianos was created to improve the customer experience in the piano industry. We are piano movers and piano technicians who strive to take the profession of piano moving to the next level. Ultimately, experience in the piano industry has taught us about our customers and how to better serve them.

Stairway Pianos provides piano moving services throughout the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex. We are fully insured and take great care with every instrument that is entrusted to us for transport. We strive to make every move safe and stress-free. For some piano moves that can’t be done with manpower alone we use the Pianolift to safely and efficiently move grand and upright pianos just about anywhere they need to go. This makes us especially well equipped for any exterior stairs, for apartment buildings and for some interior stair moves as well.

Unlike most piano companies, our piano movers are also highly trained piano technicians who can properly set up each piano and quickly resolve any common issues related to moving a piano. This insures that when your piano is set-up that the keyboad and pedals will work properly! At Stairway Pianos we believe that transporting pianos safely is so much more than just lifting a heavy object. We have the complete piano knowledge and experience to make sure your valuable instrument is cared for during your move.


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Your piano is covered during transport.


We have many years of experience in the piano industry and are knowledgeable about the pianos that we move.


We are committed to providing quick and professional service to our clients.