Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. How much does it cost to hire a piano mover?

A. To determine the price for a piano move we look at the type of piano, the size of the piano, the distance or mileage involved in the move and whether there are any stairs or other obstacles involved. The average cost to move a piano in the greater Dallas area is between $200 to $350 for an upright and between $275 to $450 for a grand. The price for moving pianos up or down stairs will normally be higher than this average and is always determined on a case by case basis. Every stair move is unique and we will have to see pictures of the piano and of the stairs involved before being able to give a quote.

Q. How do I measure my piano's size?

A. A grand piano is measured in length, but an upright piano is measured by height. In particular, to measure a grand piano you need to take a tape measure from the tail to the front of the keyboard. Alternatively, to measure an upright, you will need to measure from the floor to the top of the piano. Most keyboard manufacturers use a standard size for the keyboard length, which is 5′ wide. Generally, we do not need this information. However, in some cases, we may ask for the depth measurement of an upright piano if navigating narrow doors, turns, or hallways.

Q. I'm not sure what type of piano I have?

A. With so many different names and labels given to pianos, it’s no wonder some clients are unsure of what type of piano they have. Luckily, our piano movers are here to help! An upright piano is the type of piano that is generally placed against a wall. Generally, this allows it to take up the least amount of floor space in a room. Additionally, other names for upright piano include: “vertical piano” and sometimes even “wall piano.” 

upright piano

Upright Piano


Alternatively, a grand piano is a piano with three legs. In addition to that, the body of the piano is positioned horizontally. Moreover, these vary in size from as small as 4 1/2′ to up to 9′, and rarely exceed 9′ in length.


Grand Piano

Still unsure? Let our piano movers help!

Q. Will my grand piano fit through my doorway?

A. Grand pianos are moved on their side with the legs and pedals removed. Consequently, this allows them to fit through any standard doorway.

Q. Are you insured?

A. Yes, we are insured for piano moving and can provide a copy of our insurance policy along with your quote.

Q. Do you do long distance piano moving?

A. We can move a piano anywhere in the state of Texas as well as parts of the neighboring states of New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. At the moment, we are not able to make trips outside of our Southwestern region. However, we can provide recommendations to great companies that offer nationwide moving services.

Q. Do you also tune pianos?

A. Yes we do. I am Registered Piano Technician (RPT) with the Pianos Technicians Guild, which means I have passed examinations in piano tuning. I was trained to tune by ear at The Chicago School For Piano Technology. As a result, my tuning style is a balance between traditional aural tuning techniques and the best technology in electronic tuning assistance.

Q. Can you tune the piano when it's delivered?

A. Certainly, however, we will need to schedule a separate appointment for tuning because our moving crew is always a team of at least two. Therefore, I would be happy to schedule a time to come back out by myself for the tuning. Additionally, this can be discussed upon delivery.

Q. How much does piano tuning cost?

A. Generally, our rate for piano tuning is $175. However, if the piano has not been tuned in a long time it may require a pitch raise. If this is the case the total cost would be $225. Further, click here to learn more about the pitch raise please see the article below.