Our custom built piano moving dolly is performing fabulously! As a piano mover the dolly is probably your most important tool. That is why special attention was put into designing and building this dolly. The dimensions were chosen carefully to suit a wide variety of piano moving tasks. It is built of hardwood oak, reinforced steel bars and has thick, solid rubber on top. We decided to use straight wheels in the back and swivel wheels in the front. This allows us the best of both worlds, giving us both added stability and maneuverability; the dolly will not move sideways involuntarily because of the straight wheels but also has a good turning radius with the swivel wheels. For this reason the blue wheels are usually used in the front for steering the piano.

We use this dolly for most of our upright and grand piano moves. The height of the dolly (8.5 inches) was specifically chosen to accomodate both manual upright loading techniques as well as classic piano board and nine inch block loading techniques for grand pianos. This makes grand piano transport extremely efficient and simple. The dolly is able to maneuver up and down small steps and curbs while still balancing and supporting the load of a piano. The wheels also have the ideal hardness and are hard enough to roll smoothly and effectively but also soft enough to be safe on hardwood or tile flooring. This dolly has proven to be the most effective that we have ever used.

As a piano moving company, our highest priority is to ensure there are absolutely no damages incurred on our clients’ pianos before, during, or after transit. Our streamlined moving process using custom moving equipment allows us to focus on technique and helps us maintain control of the instrument at every point of the moving process. To learn more about what our moving process, click here.

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