Are Piano Tunings Really Important?

Piano tunings are really important in the maintenance aspect of your piano. If you get your piano tuned regularly you can keep your piano at the appropriate pitch, you can prevent damage, and you are able to maintain the value of your piano. We’ll go into a little more detail in this article. 

Piano Tuning- Appropriate Pitch

When a piano goes a long time without tuning it could cause the piano to change its entire pitch. When this happens a specialized tuning called a “pitch-raise” is required. This is generally more expensive because it requires more attention and time. The technician has to do two separate tunings essentially to achieve the proper pitch. 

Piano Tuning- Preventing Damage

Consistent tuning prevents serious damage to your piano. Constant tension is needed across the strings. A lot of very intricate and very expensive parts rely on this tension. Regular tuning can prevent this damage from being transferred to and from the expensive piano parts.

Piano Tuning- Maintain Value

When you take the extra step to have your piano tuned every 6 months you are keeping the value in the piano. The inside of the piano is the most important part, The action, the strings, the plate. And all of these are affected by regular tuning in a positive way. Keeping the value on the piano is not only important for resale value but for insurance if you ever had to make a claim on the piano. 

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