Piano Technician work is not easy work by any means. When you spend so long mastering a craft you become very confident in your abilities to handle any situation that you are put in, in your relative field. Piano repair is no exception. That is why technicians charge such a steep price per hour. It’s because they are a master at what they do and they spent a good block of their life training to gather the knowledge they need to repair a piano back to like-new condition. 


The hours that a piano technician works aren’t that crazy. They usually won’t have any jobs overnight. They usually won’t work too many weekends. Especially in a setting like Steinway that has set hours per day. A small company, like Stairway Pianos, is slightly different. There are only 4 of us who are active in the field, so the time spent on piano repairs is much longer than a standardized company. There are some weekends we may work, some days that we work late, and even some days where we spend all day on a single repair. If you are interested in becoming a piano technician, you can definitely expect to not have any short weeks. However many hours you want to work a week, you can easily find a workplace to do it within the piano technician field. 


The pay is fantastic as mentioned above. This comes from the simple fact that these technicians have spent so much time of their lives studying for this career. Many sleepless nights of studying. Lots of long days of tests and notes. Piano repair work is quite literally a craft that has to be mastered. There are so many parts in a piano, over 12,000 to be exact, and these piano technicians have to be well versed and each and every one of them. 


The reward that you get from repairing someone’s piano is incredible. That look on their face is amazing when their piano, which used to not play at all, sings a beautiful song. Or when a client has a piano that means the world to them and then a technician installs a player system and now the piano that they admired for so long can play itself day in and day out. There aren’t many feelings that beat this. Most of the time these pianos mean so much to the consumer that any little repair work we do to enhance their experience as a user can completely change their entire mood. I’ve lost count of the number of times a client has cried when they heard their piano play for the first time in years. It truly is an incredibly rewarding career.

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