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The cost to move a piano is mostly determined by three main factors: the type of piano and the distance traveled, and how difficult it is to move the piano into or out of your home. The quantity of stairs and tightness of the spaces we will be moving through would fall under the final category.  Our pricing for piano moving is simple and transparent. We have a base price for either an upright or a grand piano.

Base Price Upright = $175

Base Price Grand Piano =$225

To this base price will be added a fee for mileage and for any additional stairs, steps or other obstacles that may be involved in the move. The size of the piano is also a factor when determining a fair price. Every piano move is different so there is not a set price for all moves. When we have all the information we need to plan your move we will give you quote over the phone or by email; whichever you prefer.  Piano moving is a non-taxable service so the price you are quoted before scheduling is exactly what you will pay after the move is completed successfully.

We are insured to move pianos and will provide proof of our insurance coverage at the time of your quote.

The average cost to move a piano in the greater Dallas area is between $200 to $350 for an upright and between $275 to $450 for a grand. Please contact us today for a detailed quote.


-=The Cost Of Professional Piano Moving


If you need to move your piano in the Dallas area, you should definitely consider hiring professional piano movers. There are some general moving companies that say that they move pianos and there are probably a few that can do a decent job. However, I have seen and heard many horror stories about general movers that damage pianos during transport. Sometimes important parts and screws are lost because the movers are not accustomed to and proficient in the process.

Piano moving is more about technique, skill and knowledge than it is brute force. Strength is certainly needed to do the job but it is far more important to have the proper equipment, tools and expertise to safely transport pianos.

The purpose of this article is to explain what is used by the professional piano mover and the price range you can expect for this service.


Professional Piano Moving Equipment


I am sometimes asked by clients how many people will be coming to move their piano, especially if it is a grand piano in question. Occasionally when I tell them that two people will be there for the move they are shocked and say something like, “Don’t you need at least 3-4 people to move a piano?” I believe the reason for this reaction is that at some point they have seen a piano being moved by people who are not professional piano movers and are just trying to figure it out for the first time. I have even had people tell me that their grand piano was actually carried out the door instead of using a dolly designed for piano moving! For grand piano moves we will typically use a “piano board” that is roughly the length of your piano, measured from the front of the keyboard to the tail of the piano. After one leg is removed, the piano will be carefully set down on this board and turned over onto its side. From here we will remove the remaining legs and the pedals (lyre) and wrap them separately. At this point the piano can be further covered, strapped in and safely moved on its side using our custom-made piano dolly.




A Piano Moving Board