How do Movers Transport Pianos?

The answer really isn’t uniform across all companies. Some moving companies will use trailers, others will use box trucks, some even use semi-trucks and large trailers to transport a piano. There are a few factors that can determine what method is best, we will uncover a few of these factors.


How far do you need to Transport the Piano?

For pianos that are being moved just across the city or the metroplex, a truck with a trailer should be more than enough to get the job done safely. Our company uses an 18-foot trailer towed by a truck to transport pianos. Some key factors to make sure it can be done safely are the path into the trailer and how ratchet straps can be used to secure the piano. We have a built-in ramp on our trailer that allows for a smooth entry, and we utilize E-Track straps. Those are specialized straps that lock into a steel beam that has been mounted to the side of the trailer.

Transport Across State Lines?

What if you need a piano transported across state lines? The answer here isn’t as uniform as you would think. A lot of companies seem to utilize box trucks and semi-trucks for super long-distance moves. I subjectively speculate this is due to gas mileage rather than safety. Semi-trucks have independent rear suspension so the straps on the piano would theoretically take less of a load. Semi-trucks that haul pianos typically take a large number of pianos at a time making for longer delivery times. If time is of essence then a box truck or trailer would be best. 

Can a Piano be Transported across seas?

Absolutely! We can’t speak for other companies but we have moved a piano across seas before. Okay, we didn’t actually take the piano across the ocean ourselves, but we delivered the piano to a cargo company and they took care of the rest. This is the most popular method for shipping across large bodies of water. The cargo companies have the ability to take a 3D picture of the piano and create a cargo container to fit it perfectly. When it gets to its destination, it is up to the individual to hire professional movers in that respective region. 

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