This is a day in the life of Dallas piano movers. What we love most about piano moving is the great people that we meet. People from all walks of life own a piano and many of them have a great story to tell. As piano movers we often interact with people during a time of change in their lives. They may be moving, giving their piano to a relative, downsizing or bringing a new piano into their homes. It gives us great joy to help make this experience as pleasant as possible.

We start by inspecting the piano thoroughly and taking detailed pictures. This prevents any confusion about dings or scratches on the pianos finish upon arrival. We are extremely careful with the pianos finish but if anything ever did happen in transport we are able to repair the scratch. The piano is covered with extra thick moving pads in a way that prevents this damage from occurring.

If we are moving a grand piano it is time to begin dismantling the piano and putting it on its side for transport. Grand pianos are always moved on their sides and this means the legs and pedals must be removed. We first remove the left leg so that the piano can be lowered onto a piano board. This leg is set aside on a moving pad. When the piano board is in place and one leg is removed we lower the piano onto the board. The next step will require some muscle. The piano now must be lifted up onto its side. Grand pianos can weigh between 400-700 lbs but with the proper lifting technique this is achieved quite easily.

Now the rest of the piano’s legs and lyre (pedals) can be removed. The legs and pedals are wrapped in moving pads and taken out of the way of the piano. The piano can now be wrapped in pads and strapped to the board. When the piano is secured we now lift it off the blocks which support the board and onto our custom-built dolly. Our dolly was designed and built in-house and is the strongest and best dolly I have ever seen or used. We use rubber wheels that are the perfect hardness. They are soft enough to be safe on hardwood flooring or tile and hard enough to roll easily over carpet and any other surface. The dolly is built of hard maple and reinforced with steel railing to be able to support up to 800 lbs.

At this point the piano is ready to be loaded into the trailer. We use a custom built cargo trailer to transport our pianos. As piano movers it is imperative that the the piano be properly secured in the trailer during transport. We have a system of ratchet straps and pads to insure that every piano is secured and will not rock or tip on the road.

When we arrive at the delivery location it is time to set up the piano in your home. As piano technicians we are able to insure that the pedals, dampers and keyboard of your grand piano will operate as they did before the move. Sometimes during transport the action can shift or dampers can get stuck in the raised position. If this does happen we have the experience and ability to quickly resolve the issue and get your piano playing as it should. You may even get to enjoy a quick performance by one your movers who also plays the piano!