These posts represent an effort to codify and detail the principles and practices of safe and effective piano moving. The goal of this Introduction to Piano Moving is to begin to collect material that would be suitable for a short “text book” on piano moving. I am open and eager to hear from others in this profession about their strategies and best practices.

Kind Regards,

Lucas Heuer

Chapter 1 – Introduction to Piano Moving

Piano moving is a challenging and rewarding vocation for those who are seeking a balance of physical and mental work. I personally enjoy the rhythm of piano moving because although it requires physical strength, the energy exerted is typically for a short duration. A day of piano moving involves being both inside and outside. This means you get some sunshine and fresh air but are not exposed to the heat or cold for a prolonged period. It also involves both sitting and standing. You will be sitting during drivetime between jobsites but standing and moving during the actual piano move. It involves interaction with customers as well as work by oneself or in a small group. Lastly piano moving provides a surprising amount of variety during the work day. One might think that it would be repetitive but in reality the differences from job to job can be significant. There is a great variety of types, sizes and designs of pianos. We are typically dealing with either upright or grand pianos but within these types there are many variations of design. Because grand pianos are moved on their sides with the legs and pedals removed, and there is wide variety of design for legs and pedals, one must be prepared for anything. One must also be very careful in this regard because legs and pedals must be attached securely to safely put the piano on it’s side for transport or to set the piano down. Because of this one must from time to time repair the legs or pedal before it can be moved safely. This is one area where I am proud to say that Stairway Pianos does an excellent job.

Lastly there is a variety of locations and scenery we experience as piano movers. For many people the surroundings of a typical workday do not change very much. Perhaps you work in the same office of have the same commute each day. Some tradesmen will also work in a similar environment most of the time. For the piano mover there is again a nice variety and we are lucky to have such great clients in the Dallas metroplex. It is an honor to be invited into the many beautiful homes, churches, and performing arts venues where we move and service pianos.