Appraisal And Evaluation

Accurate Information For Piano Buying, Selling Or Donation

What’s the difference between a piano appraisal and an evaluation?  Stairway Pianos offers the following types of piano appraisals and evaluations depending on your specific need.

          Comprehensive Piano Appraisal – I will perform an onsite inspection of your piano in your home or other location.  During the evaluation I will complete an appraisal form which lists the important parts of the piano and their current condition. Every part of your piano will be rated as Good, Needs Service, Needs Replacement, Not Worth Repair. Based on the condition of your piano I will determine and record a market value and replacement value on the form. These appraisals may be used to obtain an insurance replacement value or an IRS Form 8283 charitable donation value. They are also useful for a buyer or seller of a piano to confirm a true current market value with dated back-up documents.  This appraisal takes about 3 days to complete, and our current fee is $385.

          Pre-Sale/Pre-Purchase or General Piano Evaluation – I will perform an onsite inspection of the piano to ascertain a general sense of the current market value of a piano for a buyer or seller without using a detailed appraisal form. This is highly recommended when shopping for used pianos!  I will inspect the piano for major defects and major repairs that may be needed.  This evaluation can be completed within one 45 minute service call, and the current fee is $185.

         NOTE:  It is not possible to obtain an accurate appraisal without a professional piano technician examining the piano in person at location. Internet generated appraisals are highly problematic and unreliable. It is not really possible to accurately judge the value of a piano without a technical evaluation performed by a qualified technician.