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Stairway Pianos was created by Registered Piano Technican (RPT) Lucas Heuer and piano rebuilder Jon Welch. A piano moving company inspired by the innovation of the European piano industry, we are motivated to help people safely move pianos. Not only are we piano movers, but also piano tuners, rebuilders, and technicians. In fact, we are one of the few companies who offer this type of service. We care for each piano that we handle as if it were our own.


Lucas Heuer

Lucas Heuer, RPT is a proud member of The Piano Technicians Guild and committed to the continual pursuit of excellence in technical service and ethical conduct. A technician earns an RPT certification after a series of rigorous examinations that test skills in piano tuning, regulation, and repair. Lucas is pictured here with his wife Natalie. Natalie graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in Vocal Performance and inspired Lucas in the early days to learn the craft of the piano technician.

Luc and Natal

Jon Welch

piano rebuilder

Jon Welch is a life long classical music aficionado and audio-video expert who, through a passion for music and working with wood, has become an accomplished piano rebuilder and certified installer of the QRS PNOmation player-piano system. Jon is the also the owner of Experience Audio Video, a premier dallas audio-video company who provides custom installations of home theater, surround sound and entertainment systems.

Zak Paukner

Zak Paukner specializes in piano moving. He grew up in the small town of Godley, Texas. He’s had a passion for music since he was a little boy. He played violin in 5th grade and transitioned to Saxophone the following year and stuck with it. He has become a piano enthusiast and is actively learning to play.


Drew Richards

piano moving with drew

Born and raised in Texas, Drew has been surrounded by music his whole life. As a child, he taught himself piano and developed a passion for playing music early on. In high school, he played different brass instruments, competing in state competitions for both french horn and trumpet. After high school, he developed his passion for playing jazz, and ultimately decided to focus on piano. Currently, Drew works to hone his piano proficiency to ultimately play professionally as a cocktail pianist. In the meantime, he helps us move pianos and often plays for our clients!

Client Testimonials

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Why the Name Stairway Pianos?

When starting this piano moving company I knew that one of my first questios for potential customers would be: “…are there any stairs or steps at either location?”

Once in a while, a customer will want a piano moved up or down the stairs, and sometimes there is no other choice. Honestly, most piano companies avoid stairs as much as possible. Because of the difficulty and risk involved, some piano moving companies choose not to accommodate the customer in these situations.

While we can not guarantee that we can handle any stair move, we are dedicated to addressing and solving this problem in the piano moving industry. For this reason, we imported the Pianolift from France to support our moving team with apartment buildings, exterior stairs, and some interior stairs as well. Additionally, we have other partners in the moving industry than can assist with stair moves in many cases.


A Love of Steinway Pianos

In 2017 I had the opportunity to work alongside the chief concert technician at Steinway Hall in Dallas. This challenging and rewarding experience greatly improved my skills as a technician.  After working in the retail environment of Steinway Hall I transitioned to piano rebuilding. While working for a piano rebuilding company I had the opportunity to participate in and later oversee the rebuilding of many models of Steinway Pianos. This experience gave me an even greater respect and admiration for the craftsmanship and tonal quality of a Steinway piano. As a result, our rebuilding and piano restoration crew was built on this experience and expertise.


Stairs as Symbol

Stairs are an ancient symbol with various meanings. In music, we ascend and descend by half or whole steps.  Additionally, the feeling invoked through the scales is one of ascending and descending. The piano has often been portrayed as a staircase because of it’s stepped keys.

Stairs are also a common theme often cited in dream interpretation. According to dreamingandsleeping.com, stairs in a dream are “…always a good omen. If you have seen in your dream that you were climbing a set of stairs, it means that you have decided to put effort in order to achieve your goals. You are ready to work hard and you know that you will succeed.”

Stairs are also a popular visual metaphor used in films to represent various challenges the protagonist must overcome. In popular culture, art and film stairs can also represent enlightenment or symbolize a bridge to divinity. This evokes the desire to rise above our limited perception and understanding of the material world.

Stairway To Heaven

Additionally, as a major classic rock fan, Led Zeppelin’s Stairway To Heaven is one of my favorite songs. I remember being overwhelmed with emotion as a kid when hearing this on the radio. Check out this beautiful piano performance of this classic song.

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